David's TM470 - Project

Freight Car Routing

for Model Railroads


I am currently registered on the Open University's "TM470 - The Computing and IT Project" course.


















My project is planned to create a tablet based software package that will create train consists for US outline model railroad freight trains.

This project runs from 1st February until 11th September 2017. The project is not expected to develop a fully working system but should exhibit a prototype that proves the viability of the idea and demonstrates, in an active manner, that the systems and software have been designed correctly to meet the original brief.


Part of the requirement is that there be clients to validate the project ideas. There is no requirement for an outside entity to validate the system and development as these are validated by a course tutor. This web site is provided so that anyone who wishes to be involved in the validation of the model railroad side can contribute and follow the progress as the project develops.


If you would like to be involved in the process please send me an e-mail to david@tm470routingproject.co.uk


There is now a prototype running on this web site



This web site will develop as the software develops.

Come back regularly to check on progress.